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OrchardAi has come about after a year of designing, testing ideas, sanity checks, proof of concepts and building a platform that takes Data Science, A.I., Machine Learning to production and to be done in a simple and repeatable way. We are early in our journey but far along in product and vision. Our marketing team are a bit behind though (New Year’s Resolution Number 1.)

We are extremely excited to continue working with existing clients (thank you for your support) and discover new and exciting opportunities with new clients and discuss how to solve your Data challenges.  Please reach out or connect on LinkedIn to discuss further.

Some items that are strongly associated with the direction of OrchardAi:

  • O’Reilly’s Simon Chan (who built PredictionIO) views on building an A.I. Platform
  • O’Reilly’s predictions for what lies ahead in 2018 regarding Data
    • A.I. Data Predictions
      • New tools will make graphs and time series easier, leading to new use cases
      • Expect advances in tools that facilitate ML experimentation and collaboration
      • Data pipelines that draw on multiple data sources will continue to evolve
      • Anticipate new methods for unifying live and historical data
      • Companies will increasingly need new data cache and data fabric architectures
      • Machine learning specialists will play an important role in companies
      • Data science will continue to be more firmly integrated into enterprise management
  • The A.I. Market:
    • A.I future

2018, the year where A.I. really gets going.


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