What is Artificial Intelligence and why does your business need it?

OrchardAI’s perspective on what A.I. is and how a business can build capability and leverage the power of automated knowledge systems

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Magic. What’s what?

There is an awful lot of hype around A.I. Academics and LinkedIn experts have made it very hard to understand what A.I. is but talking about the HOW and not the WHAT.

A.I. is simply a system of knowledge that is run on machines (some kind of computer). Most systems in business today are low grade in their intelligence i.e. they need human intelligence to ask the questions and extract information.

Example: BI (Business Intelligence). Far from being intelligent as a trained set of analysts will need to know how to interact and pull information from the data warehouse via some mechanism.

So EXACTLY what is A.I.?

Lets take the Google. When you ask Google a question it has knowledge and also the capability to translate meaning and context and match the two.

Example: “Geneva to the Matterhorn”

This simple request is a marvel of a lot of factors. Extraction of Entities (City and a Mountain) and inference of intent (Travel). Then this is applied over Google’s Knowledge Graph which returns the details of how to get from Geneva to the Matterhorn (also knowing that most humans will goto Zermatt and not actually up the Matterhorn).

Hold on. Knowledge what?

Knowledge Graph: A connected set of data points that allows the Google to ‘know’ the specifics of travel. Know? Knowledge? Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence

OrchardAi’s definition of Artificial Intelligence

A system that can extract information from various sources, build connections and inferences and then be an authority on the subject matter; All with minimal human interaction.

Its not taking over the world, it isn’t thinking for you, it isn’t taking away free will. It simply carries out a large amount of work and applies the best strategies that are known so the consuming system or person can rely on that calculation.

Your business and A.I.

The time is now that every consumer expects a level of fluidity in online services to be ‘knowing’. Know preferences, recommendations, pricing, career aspirations and financial outlooks. Everyone is talking about A.I., everyone is investing in A.I. but is anyone doing it?

OrchardAi can help you get to the next level and keep going.